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Great Wolf Lodge La Grange, Georgia

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

We went in July 2018 with 14 families with kids aging from 2- 6th grade. This is information based on my stay it was in July 2018 and our trip with 14 families July 2019 ages 3- Freshman in High School.

Located roughly 1.5 /2 hours from Milton is the newest Great Wolf Lodge. How to book:

Look for deals on Groupon, it gives select dates. If you can do school days you save a ton! Look on their website and I encourage you to sign up for their emails to get deals. If you a can book 60 days or more in advance you usually can get a discount.

When you book you have a room choice, standard or themed or premium. We usually get the cute themes cabin or wold den. The Premium are usually for larger families. Check which options are available. They charge extra for patio or balcony. Window view is free. Next they will give you the option for a Paw Pass. Defiantly get one if your kids will do any of the activities and choose the one you know your child will use. When my son was younger we got the middle one. Now we get the everything one. If you know what your child will do get them know as it speeds up check in time. If not, you can wait and by at check in. They also offer meal plans at check out. Again, think of your family and decided if it is worth it. When checking out you can now pay $19.99 for cancellation. We did this. Our friends children got sick the morning we were all to leave and they had to change the date and spent a lot more. This plan you can cancel 2 days ahead and get your money back (minus the $20). Did you know they offer payment plans. Its about $10 interest for every hundred you pay. They have 3 month, 6 month and 12 month plans. The interest rate changes by the plan you choose. Did you know they offer group rates. For 10 or more rooms, you can email the sales department what room each family is getting and they will then email you back what price discount you would get. Please do this before you book.

You can also pay extra for a 2pm late check out. Regular check out time is 11 am.

It is a very easy drive if you can avoid high traffic times around Atlanta. The lodge is off I 85 at exit 13. There is a McDonald’s and Arbys at this exit. Exit 15 is before it and they have Chick Fila, Burger King and a few other choices to eat. You may not be able get into the rooms till 4, but you can enter the water park at 1:00, so we head down in swim gear and will pack a bag ahead of time for the water park with googles and whatever else you need for the pool and a change of clothes. We will unload everything after we can get in the room. I suggest stopping at a place to eat before you get to the resort. They have towels in the pool area so you do not need to bring any.

I suggest you bring a cooler if you are bringing food, you will have a small fridge in your room, but again may not be able to get in till 4;00. They do have changing areas and lockers to lock up your car keys and purse while you enjoy the park before rooms are ready. The fees are about $16-22 a day for unlimited times in the locker. If you have no valuables just leave your items out with your towel. You do not need swim shoes, but the concrete does get hard on your feet after a while.

Each room comes with a set amount of tickets (depending which room you get) and you can get an additional band for $50 up to each per guest staying. Meaning if you have 5 people in a room, you can buy 5 guest passes.

They do have valet parking if you need it, I am cheap and parked my own car as did most others. We did have a ton of rain when we are there so that might be a good time for valet.

One person needs to check in when you get there and they will text you when you room is ready. You can get into the water park at 1:00 the day you arrive. Each person needs a wrist band that you will get at check in. Kids under 3 are free but I think they still need a band. Your band is also your room key and you can set it up to a charge card to charge things to the room, which I found handy. When you check in, each person gets wolf ears. If it is a birthday person you get birthday ears and in Ohio they gave that kid free ice cream the whole stay. They don't really check birthday dates so you could celebrate a kid near your date. They have carts for you to use to take luggage to your room when it is ready. We kept ours in the car till the room was ready. If you do the Mobil check-in via the email they send you the day before, you can get through it quicker. They will text you when your room is ready.

The room will have a little fridge, coffee maker, iron and iron board. We got 2 bars of soap, 1 shampoo and a lotion. They did have extra blankets too.

Here is a link to all the rides at the LaGrange one.…/waterpark-att…/swim-splash-slide

You can bring your own alcohol from home (6 pack of beer is $42) as it will be cheaper but you cannot bring your own alcohol to the pools.

What should I pack? Towels, they have them there for you so only if you are picky about your towel

Swim suits (I bring one for each day)

Swim cover ups

Water shoes (you do not need, but my son has sensitive feet so he always wants to wear his)


snacks to save money (They do not have a lot of snacks to buy here at the gift shop)

Wand if you have gone before briur old one

alcohol for adults in the room

my friends kids got cold at night there so she brings an extra blanket

rash guard for the slides

suntan lotion if you use outside pool

cute PJ if you do the night time stuff in the lobby and maybe cute slippers

closed toe shoes for rope course

socks if you are going bowling

go pro/water camera

cell phone cover for phone to get wet ( Amazon Affilaite, I only trust Dry Pak brand!)

quarters and pennies if you do penny press machine

gallon size baggie if you do the passes for the cup of candy they get so it does not spill every where

glo sticks if you do the lobby events at night (Amazon Affiliate)

Sharpie to write your names on the cups and wolf passes ( if you forget they have one at the front desk)

Grab these adorable Wolf Pajamas for your child! (Amazon Affilate link)

Restaurants Here is the link to all the places to eat. They have many restaurants. When you first enter on the right is a nice sit down place called Barnwood. See pictures of food. We had lunch there. Food, this is the more pricy place to eat. They have a Dunkin Doughnuts, Ben and Jerrys, a candy store all in the hall to the water park. They also have two food truck looking places, Buckets and I forget the name of the other place, mainly tacos, nachos, burgers here. They also open in the area in the pool area so you can get food in there. Campfire is open for dinner and breakfast buffet. Next to it is Hungry as a Wolf where it sells pasta and pizza. We all felt the food was just average the first trip and better the second one. One night we went to Bull’s Habchi Express at 104 Bull Street LaGrange, GA 30240. They do not make the hibachi in front of you, but have good food and cheap. There are other places to eat around downtown LaGrange and an AMC move theater. Restaurants on property

Cabanas Preferred Seating For $149 a day on weekdays and $199 on weekend you can rent a cabana. The ones outside are nice, but have no TV and close if the weather gets bad. The inside ones have TV’s. They have a host that will serve you drinks at your cost. You can enter the pool on arrival day when it opens if you have a cabana that day. Click here for more info: They have about 10 preferred seats by one of the slides if you want to reserve those. We go with the lock it up in the locker and go have fun approach in our family, or if no valuable just leave stuff at chairs. Some of our friends rented an outside one, and besides having to leave it when it rained they loved it. Check in the inside pool for your cabana, It will come with 6 soda cups and a code for a locker inside. They do have a person to come get drink orders from your cabana.

Slides (see videos above) There are many slides you can go down. When you first walk in the pool area they will measure your child and give them a band based on their height. You will then have to see which slides they can go on. My pictures should have the heights. This link tells you more about each slide.

Pools The water park is kept at 84 degrees and sometimes feel hot in the indoor water park. They do say wear cover ups if not in the water park area. They have a bar in the middle of the indoor pool area. For children under 3 there is a small kid splash area for them. They do have life jackets for those less than 48 inches but are first come. You can bring own floaties that you put on a child, but no toys or floating devices like noodles. The indoor pool will stay open during thunder storms, but they stop the slides as they go outside.

The younger kid area

a water dunking area with baby slides, a basketball pool area, a hold on to the rope and cross the lily pad area,a lazy river which I would watch little ones I felt the rafts could run them over if they are not in a raft. There is the outdoor pool are too.

Lazy River Area

If you want to take pictures and videos in the pool, I suggest this for your phone in the water. You can also put your room key in it. I highly recommend this!! You can get a pass for your child if you think they will want to do these activities. Check each level and see which is right for your child. You can buy when you reserve a room or when you check in.

Pup Pass: One MagiQuest or ShadowQuest game Choice of classic wand, standard topper or Magi belt One round of Howl at the Moon Glow Golf One entry into Oliver’s Moonstone Maze One climb at Howlers Peak Ropes Course One Paw Points arcade / attractions card (20 points) One 12 oz. candy cup Great Wolf Lodge goggles from Bear Essentials Swim Shop One single scoop ice cream from Bear Paw Sweets Paw Pass $49 One MagiQuest game game Choice of classic/color wand, standard topper or Magi belt One Great Wolf Lodge Candy Shop candy cup One single scoop of ice cream from Ben & Jerry's One Paw Points game card for Northern Lights Arcade ($5) Wolf Pass $59 One MagiQuest game Choice of a classic/color wand, standard topper or Magi belt One Great Wolf Lodge Candy Shop 16 oz candy cup One game of bowling at Ten Paw Alley One round at Howl in One Mini Golf One Paw Points game card for Northern Lights Arcade ($5) One all stay admission to Howler's Peak Ropes Course One double climb admission to Rustic Ridge Climbing Wall One single scoop of ice cream from Ben & Jerry's See here for current prices: Extra Activities

The pools usually close at 8:00 Pm or 9:00 PM so there is plenty of time to do other activities when it closes.

We did the rock Climbing Wall $9, Rope Climbing $16, the arcade, bowling, miniature golf, rock mining and the Magi Quest which is you buy a wand and they activate it. They you go around and collect things for your quest. You will find chests that open, fight a digital dragon and more. They sell nice toppers for the wand, capes, hats, belt holders etc. in the shop. Once you buy one you can bring it back can use it again and you pay $15 to reactivate it. It’s like Harry Potter Wands at Universal. They also have a build a bear type area too. We got a wolf one year that my son made. The pools close at 8/8:30 or 9 pm so you will have time at night, but most kids are to tired to enjoy it all. Here are some things you can add on to the price of your room if you want to:

Rooms When you book a room you can chose a regular room, a Wolf Den, Bear Cave or Kid Camp. These have like a small room inside your room with a bunk bed and TV cutely decorated for your child. In Ohio we had the Kid Camp, so this time we got the Wolf Den. There are other room choices too that are bigger or just plain. Activities: They will give you a list of fun actives while you are there. We did the bedtime story time which does not last long. They read from a big book with Wiley The Wolf there and after you can take a picture with him. They have kid yoga, and then at 9:00 pm they had a fun dance party. Check here for activities going on: Cancellation Policy as of July 2018 It may be updated at anytime so please check their web page. This is from their website: When bad weather or a family member’s sickness inhibits you from your travel plans we will gladly rebook your getaway. If you need to cancel your reservation, you will be refunded your deposit less 15% of your deposit so long as you cancel up to 7 days prior to your arrival date. If you cancel up to 4 days prior to arrival, then you will be refunded your deposit less 30% of your deposit. If your plans change at the last minute (or anytime within 3 days of arrival), call us and we’ll try to rebook your trip for different dates. You would only forfeit your deposit if we couldn’t rebook your getaway at all. You are subject to the best available rate on these new dates. They will email you a copy of your itemized bill later the day you check out. You can also check out via your phone. They give instructions via a text. We all had a great time and can’t wait to go back again. It’s a fun place to spend quality time with your friends and family in a fun atmosphere. Add ons you can purchase: Want something else fun in the area to do? Did you know Wild Animal Safari is only !5 mins away? We went there after our stay recently. Check out more info about the Safari here. from We all can't wait to go back! Some have our group has already returned. Rooms range about 250-$500 depending when you go. Some are cheaper if not a themed room or a larger family room.

Video of walking through the lobby Did you know you can purchase just a day pass? They sell a limited number of these. Did you know they sell gift cards too? Great for birthday presesnts! They even have ones you can email! Drop the kids off and go enjoy a meal by yourself! Check out the event calendar for when you go:

Download the app Great Wolf lodge. Have your reservation number handy to load it in. Then 24 hours before they have a chat available and can help you during your stay. They have the menus on there, days hours and events and you can even order a pizza (from their pizza place) from the app.

If you buy a wand they suggest you take the batteries out when you get home or they can corrode in the wand. We used this video to show us how: Amazon link ** Please note Milton Moms is now a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to means I could make a commission if you use the affiliate link I posted, but should not cost you anything extra.

FYI if you go in the winter months, the pool area is colder then summer time. It may be a good idea to bring a robe for the kid to wear to the room.

Wild Animal Safari is about 13 minutes away and we stop sometimes on our way back.

Check back each Tuesday to learn tips for your families trips! Check here for other trips I have posted about! In this every changing world, this information is to the best of my knowledge accurate but things can change daily, so I suggest you always double check before you visit.

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