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Georgia Aquarium

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The Georgia Aquarium is one of our favorite places. My son had his 6th birthday party here and he was to have a sleepover birthday party for his 10th birthday the day they shut for covid.

We have not been since covid, so things may have changed. We always try to go on a week day to avoid crowds. You need to buy a timed ticket ahead of time. They are selling less tickets then normal to help avoid crowds, but have heard weekends still feel crowded.

Click here to download the map.

They have a parking garage attached to it, but you take an elevator down and still walk a little bit. Then you go through security. You have to hand them all bags, no lighters for smokers! Next you go through a metal detector. Step up to the feet spots and they tell you to go through. It is quick as long as the person in front of you does not set it off.

You now enter the area if you want a photo taken. I do wish they had an area designated for people wishing to skip this as it held us up. We always try to walk around when they change families for the pictures.

They have Cafe Aquaria which is decent for food and we always end up eating here as it is convent, but will say it can be very pricey. There are seats right outside the cashier area and tons upstairs.

The main floor is divided into areas:

Cold Water Quest

They have a place to touch starfish, see beluga whales, sea otters, sea lion, penguins (kids/adults can crawl through to poke head through to get up close to them.) There is also an upper area to view the Beluga whales.

Southern Company River Scout

From their website" In the Southern Company River Scout gallery, you’ll explore the wide diversity of animals found in the rivers of Africa, South America, Asia and right here in Georgia. This gallery is a themed environment full of waterfalls, logjams and a simulated meandering North American river that flows over your head."

Truist Pier 225

This is where you can see the Sea Lions

Ocean Voyager

This is one of our favorites. It has the moving sidewalk which has glass above it to see in the aquarium and another area to touch sea life that leads to the room you see in many movies with the big class window to watch sea life.

Tropical Diver

This area has jelly fish, a nice place to sit with a large area to watch fish and a small tank with Nemo and Dorey in it.

Up Stairs is Discovery zone and a 4D movie.

They also have a dolphin show which lasts about 20 mins. If you want to get drenched sit in the first 10 rows of the middle section. Yes you can wear rain ponchos. They want you to be seated about 30 mins before the show begins.

When you exit the Aquarium, you go through the gift shop and end up just about where you entered.

There is a place to eat outside the aquarium, there called Pemberton Cafe and we have eaten there before too. Basic counter serve offering burgers, dogs, veggie items & sweet treats in a museum setting. This is a good place to eat if you finish the aquarium and then go some place after.

Address: 1807, 121 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

Hours: daily 9-4

They do have penny press machines near the main bathrooms on the main floor.

* It can be very crowded and small kids can move through crowds better than adults so pleas always watch your child.

*Many of the big areas at the entrance have big place mat looking papers with the fish in that area. You then place it at then end when you exit that exhibit.

You can download their mobile app

They offer daily military discounts of 10% with a valid military ID, and free admission for active military through our Military Mondays program

They recommend 3-4 hours but on a busy day and if you do it all It takes longer.

10:45 they have a penguin march down the walkway in the middle of the aquarium

They seat for shows 30 min before they begin

Get an exclusive look at our galleries and habitats with a Behind the Seas tour. These tours are only $15 and run every half hour starting at 10:30.

No outside food or beverages are permitted in the aquarium with the exception of small snacks for children or visitors with food allergies.

Strollers are allowed throughout the Aquarium. Complimentary stroller parking is available in the atrium and a stroller check is provided at each theater. However, if possible, a smaller stroller or no stroller is recommended in order to navigate crowded areas more easily. We do not have strollers for rent at this time

Piedmont Hospital provides staffing for a full first-aid station, located in the restroom hallway between Ocean Voyager and Tropical Diver.

They have a private nursing/pumping room available for mothers on our second-floor rotunda in front of Oceans Ballroom (above Cafe Aquaria).

Here are some webcams

If you pay ahead for parking, you can save a little money

The new shark exhibit has now opened, we can't wait to go check it out!

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For other family fun places around the ATL check out my list where I have posted about family fun around Atlanta since 2010!

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