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Fulton County Jury Duty

I had jury duty in October 2021. Here is some info of what to expect. As always, things change in this new covid world so always refer to them for the current info.

I drove to the address on the paper to park where they said there was a free shuttle to the building. When I pulled up no one else was there except some homeless people and a cop. He said if I did not mind paying to park across from the building. It was $16 for the day and I knew we got paid $25 for a day so I went aehad and parked there to make it easy. It was the garage on Martin Luther King Drive and Central Ave, across from the Capitol.


I then walked across to the courts. You go through airport type security. At the time there was a mask mandate. You go to the counter and show your Photo ID and jurror badge from the letter. They will tell you what court room to go to.

At the time I went, everyone was spaced out and they told you which number spot to sit.

There are bathrooms close by and they did have a cafeteria right there.

We got dismissed after a few hours, so bring a book or something to occupy your time as our case never offically started.

You can get an offical letter from them when you leave stating you were there for work purposes.

They mail you a $25 check a few weeks later.

Everyone was so friendly and nice and glad I got to do my civic duty if only for a few hours.

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