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Firefly Forts ( Milton, GA)

Firefly Forts was a business born out of quarantine boredom and a father’s desire to build something magical for his children. In the summer of 2020, when the world was stuck indoors, Michael and Kristin Scaglione were constantly looking for ways to get their children outside and keep them busy and off of screens. Mike had always dreamed of a fort as a child. With his full time job on hold and more time on his hands than usual, Mike decided to make his childhood dream a reality for his own children and started building a treefort in their backyard.

With no plans or past experience in building such a structure, one would think this idea would end up in disaster. However, day after day, and week after week, Mike chipped away at the project and a magnificent and magical structure began to come to life. The very first Firefly Fort was built and it was everything Mike had dreamed of and more for his family. Fast forward two months, and word began to spread locally of this amazing treefort. The inquiries started pouring in and before they knew it, Firefly Forts was born. They now have a team of skilled carpenters making dreams come true for families like yours all over Atlanta and beyond!

Firefly Forts specializes in building luxury treeforts that the entire family can enjoy. They take pride in creating a beautiful space that your children can call their own and that will grow with them well into their teenage years. Firefly Forts believes that unlike your typical swingset, that most children outgrow, their forts will stand the test of time. They build with the intention of creating a space that gives the entire family a place to reconnect and make memories. They are currently booking builds for fall and winter. You can find out more at or follow along on their journey via Instagram and Facebook @fireflyforts.

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Treehouse | Firefly Forts | United States

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