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Favorite Travel Items

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Picture from Best destinations to travel fb page.

I love to travel and when I bring the right items with me, it makes for a successful trip!

You more than likely will have at least one rain storm so grab these ponchos and be prepared. These are so small they fit in your pocket, purse and I keep some in my car glove box and suitcase and just leave them there for the next rip in the zipper part.

Great for cleaning the table when you sit to eat, wiping the stroller handles every so often. I mean we are still in a pandemic! These are great to stick in your purse to wipe a table down when you eat, or the hotel room.

Cooler Backpack - We bring our own drinks/snacks to save money. You can usually get free ice from the hotel.

This Travelon travel wrist-list its my favorite. I can wash it in the wash, it has RFID blocking technology your personal information will be protected from electronic readers and your identity will be secure, individual pockets for different cards and fits my iphone 12 max pro and a few other items.

Travel cubes are great! You can put each persons items in a bag, or we use one for medicine one for warmer clothes etc.

Portable Luggage Scale This helps me weigh my luggage before the airport to let me know if it weighs over the 50 lbs for my suitcase.

I always take this on trips. If helps protect my phone from rain or I can take it into the pool/ocean/water rides/boats with it. You can fit a hotel room key, charge card, money in it too. It also floats so if you ever drop your phone it wont sink.

I use these to fill with medicine before a trip then I can just take and toss. I do not have to bring the original bottle or measuring spoons with us. It is great for kids with allergies to have a does already measured out so in an emergency you are wasting time to measure the dosage.

Ziploc Gallon BagsYou can store snacks, ice for the cooler, extra clothes, make a first aid baggie or just about anything in these

I like my own blanket on planes now. This one I hook to the outside of my carry on so it is easy to take off quickly when I get on board. I then fold it back up in the bag and wash both the bag and blanket when I get home.

I love these as I can hold it on my hand and then just put it out for TSA. I can see what is in them. I actually write on the bag with a sharpie what I keep in there so I know what I need each trip. I have a different color for each member of my family.

We love water so always have our Go Pro with us. It takes amazing videos! You can buy accessories for it. Our favorite is the hand held stick. Make sure you get a big memory card too.

This is my favorite purse!

It has a separate pocket for charge cards, it has RFID blocking technology your personal information will be protected from electronic readers and your identity will be secure, has two pockets on the side you can unzip to hold a water bottle on each side, each pockets has a clip to lock it. The straps are made so no one can cut them. It comes in a few colors.

I like this one because it tells me how much charge is left or how much more I need to charge it. IT can charge two items at the same time too. Make sure to bring a iphone charger to charge the phone when you bring it with you.

Ziplock Packing Baggies These are great to keep outfits together, or pack items that could leak in your luggage.

If you want more than the 2 pack here is a 6 pack.

I love to bring wine back for friends when I visit places. Make sure to check with the airlines and customs what the rules are. I always keep one in my suitcase. I also use it for other items that may break or leak such as perfume bottles. It has a pad in it to soak up a spill.

Check out my other favorite lists here!

*As an Amazon Affiliate I may be compensated for your purchase, but it is of no extra cost to you.
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