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Duck Doughnuts (Alpharetta)

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Have you checked out Duck Donuts in Alpharetta on Old Alabama Road? We went for some yummy treats. When you walk in you can smell the home made doughnuts right away.

You walk up to the counter and order what you want. You pick a coating, topping and can even add drizzle to your donuts. Want to be crazy, turn it into an ice cream sundae!!

What makes Duck Donuts unique is they make your doughnuts fresh the minute you order them. So after you order them, go and watch your doughnuts being made. It takes about 1 and 1/2 minutes to make them.

My son enjoyed being able to watch them through the clear window. Next they take them to get their coating and toppings. The coating melts just right as they are fresh and hot. Then the only thing left to do is enjoy them! They have two round tables out front if you want to eat them there. They also serve coffee, sodas, and water, They do have a water pitcher and small Dixie cups if you just want to grab some free water from the counter.

When we were there they were also selling for $2 each, ducks to help raise money for Chemo for patients. You can see my sons Duck in one of the pictures with the doughnuts.

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