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Crayola Crayon Factory (Orlando, Florida)

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

If you plan to go to the Crayola Experience there are many ways to save on tickets. They have certain times of the year teachers, military etc are free. They also have discounts online and sometimes I have seen they have specials.

We drove from Disney and was an easy drive. It is located at the Florida mall with an M and M store, American Girl and much more.

When you arrive you go in and pay for your tickets, then each person gets a bag with 2 coins in it. Walk up the sitars or take the elevator and you begin your fun!

My son was 8 and loves art when we went and we spent a few hours doing everything. First we made crayons for his 2 teachers with their names on them. You put in one coin to get the crayon and make the label You can call your color anything. Then you take the sticker label to the machine line it up and it rolls onto the crayon. We were off a smidge and they gave us a new coin to make a new one.

Make sure to check when the next make a crayon demo is and then come back for that.

They have a few places to play a game to win a toy or get a box of crayons. There are play areas all over. You can use the other coin to get modeling clay and make something, go make a coloring sheet with your child on it, there is places to melt crayons in a swirling device, make dancing paper. make a paper doll come to life, a jungle gym area, a place to watch a crayon be made for a show and much more.

They sell snacks and food. We did not realize we would be there that long so ended up getting my son a kids meal there. It came in a cute box with a cup.

They have family bathrooms and a nursing room too!

We had a great time here and if your child loves to create this is a great place. There are tons of different areas to create. They of course have a great gift shop you can visit too.

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