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Covid Vaccine tips for Georgia

I know many people are trying to get the covid vaccine in group 1a (and if you do not want it, that is fine just scroll on). I thought I would give tips based on what I have learned from helping my mom and her many friends I helped book.

There are times when shipments don't come in due to weather or doctors not getting their shipments so always be prepared for this. Some places who got shot one shipments didn't get shot 2 shipments and left people scrambling for shot 2. I think they are getting better about this as time goes by.

First, get on every waiting list you can and take your name off when you have successfully gotten both shots. List of places who give the vaccine.

Here is the Georgia site to register for group 1a or preregister for other groups.

Get on every email list so you can get first notice when they open spots. Contact your local health departments and get on those email lists. I know Forsyth and Fulton county email when they are open. If you catch that email right when they send it, you usually can get a spot.

While I suggest you get on the lists, you can not sit around and wait for a call or it may be months.

This is info I learned helping book my moms friends, but please know this can change at any time.

Below are sites who are giving the Covid Vaccine. They now all book your second shot for you which makes it much easier. On the below sites you can usually skip the insurance part to get you through quickly. Some ask for doctors name and an emergency contact. Again you need to hit it when they open. Some you will not know which shot you will get till you get there. Some people go to the same place but different days have different vaccine brands.

CVS Click and find Georgia. Usually the will post the night before and say they open the next day. They did ask for a license number or social security number. The screen will refresh every 30 seconds till you are in.

Kroger Click and find Georgia

Publix Usually they post the night before that they will open the next day and the time Usually 7 am Have the name of the person, birthday, address, email, phone number, This screen will refresh on its own every 60 seconds. So do not do anything stay on. When it is your turn It will show Book an appointment, you can pick the county you want to go to and then look for a place. I will say they go fast, I have been on and gotten to the time part and then clicked on about 50 times and never got one. They ask for medicare info but just leave it toggled like it is and give it to them there as it will take time.

Walmart Opens at midnight (not sure which day)

Fulton County Sites-if none are available it usual tells you when they will reopen.

Mercedes Benz Stadium This does have walk from the parking to the spot where you get shots but there are wheel chairs around.

February 22 Georgia will have 4 new sites to give shots. Macon, Albany, Delta Airplane Museum, Habersham County.

My 78 year old mom got hers at her doctors. When it was time for her second shot, they did not get any in so we had to scramble to get her shot 2. We found out the health dept would not take her as they did not give her her first. Luckily as fate had it she was on a waiting list and got called at the right time and we got her second shot within 2 days of when she was to get it. So you see why it is important to be on waiting lists.

I took my 90 year old in-laws to the Forsyth one at Little Redeemer Church for their second shot as that was a icy weather day. When you get there you show proof of your appointment. Then if you have not filled out your form they give you one, then for shot 2 they check your card, dates, brand, name and ID. You then walk up to a computer they again confirm your appointment, again someone checks all info and then they send you to a table for your shot. You then wait 15 mins at another table to make sure no immediate side affects and then you can leave. Make sure you have your card when you leave and that you scheduled shot 2.

Join this facebook page a friend started as they have done an amazing job helping people get appointments and they post when they see sites open.

When you do get your shot, you will receive a card with the date, place and number of your shot and schedule you for a second shot. I suggest you take a picture of your card encase you lose it.

I hope this helps you find an appointment!

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