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Chiringa ( Alpharetta)

Chiringa is located in the Alpharetta City center.

It great to grab a bite to eat and then let the kids play outside on the turf or in the fountain.

They even have a walk up window to order drinks from.

They have cups out to get water which is very kid friendly.

Grab a seat and have someone get in line to order your food.

They have a walk up line for if you just want drinks inside.

They are very kid friendly. They have games the kids can play.

They have amazing drinks too!

This is a great place to meet friends and let the kids go play while have some amazing food and drinks.

Don’t forget to get the plantains or gauc and chips!!

The restrooms are in the back.

Check back each Thursday when I post about another amazing place to eat! Here is a list some of my other favorite places to eat!

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