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Cabin Fever Christmas Light Show

We went to the Cabin Fever Laser Christmas Light show in Cartersville tonight. 1155 Douthit Ferry Rd. Cartersville, GA 30120

Sunday, Decmber 6 is the last night. They have a 7pm and 9pm show

You can buy tickets here. $25 a car load or $50 VIP. We have been to tow shows and sat in both and we did think VIP was worth the $25. The other time we were in the back and the kids had to sit on top of the car roof to see.

They did park your cars next to each other like you do normally but you have tons of space in front of you to put out chairs and we saw one family bring a little table.

You can back in your spot to open the back hatch to sit in to watch too if you want.

We are still social distancing some, so we stayed in our car till the show began. There is plenty of room in front of you and behind you.

There is a porta pottie at the end of each row. It is very dark in there I heard people say.

They will scan your ticket through your window and then VIP go one way and the others go more left.

Before you park, decide will you go in face first or back in so you can sit in the back. Get everything out so you are ready for when it starts (like set up chairs). You can get out of your car when you park and just stay in your area. If you have people staying in the car I suggest front in, if not back in and makes it easier to pull out when it ends.

Make sure to put your emergency break on to keep everyone safe. You can turn your car off and then back on when the emergency break is on so your parking lights are off, if you chose to stay in your car.

They give you a radio station to listen to the music too. It changed a few times while there so look at the screen. Make sure you keep your car on with lights off to listen or you will drain your battery. We saw it happen tonight.

To turn off your lights, on my car park, put on emergency brake, turn off car. Then turn car back on and the lights will be off. Turn it on again to get them to come back on when the brake is released.

This show had Christmas and non Christmas songs. You can hear it from your car radio and watch it on 2 big screens in the front, hence why they had to sit up high.

Want to be the cool parent, bring glow sticks, dress the kids in Christmas Jammies and bring hot coco.

You can bring snacks to eat to, maybe bring a card game to while you wait if you get there early like us!

It was a nice night when we went but you still might bring sweatshirts and a blanket to keep everyone warm.

The show lasted about 35 mins.

We were not sure what to expect but we liked it. I do wish the cars were spaced out a little more side to side (front and back they were great). This would be fun to have your friends in the cars next to you!

PS they do use lasers and had smoke machine near the front row. .

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