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Buford Trout Hatchery

Buford Trout Hatchery 3204 Trout Place Road Cumming, GA 30041 8:00-4:30 (trails from 8-3)

Put the address in your GPS. When you turn off 20 you will turn into Chattahoochee River Club subdivision. You will feel like you are turning into a subdivision Its correct. You then go about 2 stop signs and turn right. You will see signs to park on road. Keep going and you will run straight into the parking area.

The building there is open til 3:00 and it has a public bathroom.

You will see an area that has big tanks full or trout fish, go take a took at lots of trout. BE CAREFUL THE FENCE THERE IS ELECTRIC. I always remind my son before we get out of the car. Very little signage for this I felt. You will hear fish with their tails out of the water. My son loved this.

If you are looking from the building and trout are in front of you to the right you will see a wooded area. Go there and start following the trail. The bird watcher friendly trail is a 1/4 mile and leads to an observation area.. You will eventually end up at the pond area (it tends to have a lot of moss on top so you cant see the fish in the water).

Sadly they have stopped the fishing here.

They have 4 benches, and one picnic table so you may want to bring fold up chairs if you want. You could also bring a picnic lunch, but again in direct sunlight. (We have not been recently so not sure if these are still there since they took fishing away.)

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