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Boogy Creek Air Boat Ride (Orlando, Florida)

Located at 2001 E. Southport Road, Kissimmee, FLorida 34746 407-344-9550.

We went November 2017

Check Groupon and see if they have any posted.

We want to do something fun in the Orlando area that is not Disney. It took us about 45 mins from the Disney area to get here. As you drive the last few miles do feel like you are on a dirt road, but it is right. Before you hit this dirt road there are gas and fast food area. They have a great park right there, we wish we knew as we would have brought a picnic. There are also public restrooms in a building there too.

We called ahead and they said we did not need a reservation for a 30 min ride, but if you did longer they suggested you reserve ahead. We showed up and had about 20 mints to spare for the next ride. I grabbed a bite in the restaurant why the boys feed alligators in their enclosed area and then did the gem mining.

The food was good. They say they have a gift shop, but it was just a few things. This was our first time doing this so we had no clue what to expect. When It was our turn they asked how old our son was. He was 7 so they said under Florida law it was optional for him to wear a life jacket. The younger kids in the group had to. They did have enough for everyone on board. They also had those noise cancelling ear phones for everyone. My husband chose not to wear his and my son and I did. They were comfortable.

We then began out. It goes fast but nothing to be scared of. If we thought we saw something we would slow down and check it out. My son asked a lot of questions and the guide did great job answering them. (Don't forget to tip the guide at the end if you choose to). We made 3 stops on our 30 mins trip. I would suggest to put suntan lotion on as you are in the hot sun and we did it in November so my son and I each had a sweatshirt on as when you go fast you tend to get the wind to make you chilly.

You can gem mine here, feed alligators and more!

We all loved this and would defiantly go again here. They also had neat bike carts to rent too. The gator food is only for the ones they have in the enclosed area.

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