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Boathouse Disney Springs (Orlando, Florida)

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Florida Orlando Disney Springs The Boathouse

The Boathouse Restaurant located in Disney Springs It serves, Seafood, oyster bar, steaks, burgers and more.

The kid meals come in a paper container in the shape of a car that you can ride in the water called Amphicar.

You can sit outside and look at the water or inside, or even sit inside a car to eat. When we went we had amazing service and the food was great. You can book through Disney App or opentable app.

They have a gift shop you can look around in while you wait. We went for my sons birthday, so while we ate I went to put our name in for the car ride in the gift shop called Boatique. At the time you got $25 off the $125 car ride for 4 if you showed a receipt for $50 or more. We then finished eating and went to the check in for the car, we were next. You can also all ahead and reserve a time but we were not sure when we would arrive, so we did it when we got there.

When it is your turn, you get in the car, and they rotate the car in a circle to get you out in the water. You go down a ramp and have a little splash to get in the water. You don't really get soaked, just a splash. You drive around the water for 20 mins I think it was. You are very low to the water, but it was a fun experience. You then ride up a ramp and get out. My mom uses a cane and has a hard time bending her legs so it did take a little work to get her in, but she was fine. My son and I sat in the back.

They will take pictures of you on the ride that you can purchase after in the Boatique. We just had them use my cell phone and take a picture of us in the car before we got into the water as pictures were pricey

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