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Blue Heron Preserve

Hike #8

Address: 4055 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30342

Bathrooms: There are some by the main building when you park, they were closed when we went due to civd not sure if they opened them back up yet.

Water Fountain: Did not see one

Pet Friendly: We saw lots of dogs on leashes

Parking: Yes they have about 20 spots

Trail/Distance: Depends where you walk, it can be a big loop or you can make it a shorter walk

Weather: Mostly shaded, but some areas sunny near the water

Interesting things here: They have a river here. We brought a picnic one time and ate near the water and in the summer let the kids play in the water but always check before you leave home the water before you get in it for bacteria.

Kid Friendly: Yes

Playground: No

Hours: Did not see posted times

Signage: to start trails


Restaurants nearby: Buckehad is near. We got take out from Swan House and deserts from Henris Bakery. We also got take out from Crab404

Check back every Wednesday for a new place to hike. Click here to see our other hikes we have done.

Blue Heron Mature Preserve, or one of Atlanta's hidden treasures in my book, is a 30 acre escape from the city, located in the city.

You can find it at 4055 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30342. It is hidden when you drive down Roswell Road. Its across from Pikes so you can easily drive by it.

A good friend told me about this place at the beginning of lock down. Once we finally got out we went and I think we ended up going 6 times this summer! I even saw students from my school there!

Once there, they have some parking spots. There is a main building which was closed when we were there. There is a turtle preserve there so check it out. We missed it the first time and a friend told us to go look.

There are bathrooms there too, but are closed now due to covid. Also they ask you stay 6 ft apart and wear masks. As always do what you think is safe for your family. We are still trying to social distance and felt very safe there and people were so polite on the trails when you walked by them.

You can bring dogs on leashes and please clean up after them.

We took the Woodland Trail by the little benches with the little wooden structure around it. My son likes this one so we haven't even adventured to the others yet.

This trail is very easy to walk, we even brought my mother who uses a cane one time.

When you first walk on the right, there were some tree log seats. We had just watch The Floor is Lava so we pretended to jump to each one and pretend the ground was lava. Then we walked past the Mural wall which is so pretty. I believe they change it every so often.

We kept walking till we came to a little wooden overlook.

We then ventured down to the water, which is Nancy Creek. My son loves to play in the water here. I suggest you wear good water hiking shoes, a swim suit for the kids and a towel and of course hand sanitizers. I always wear clothes that can get wet.

Please always check the water before you leave from home for bacteria levels. The more rain we have had the higher the levels of bacteria seem to be. You should not go in the creek if the bacteria levels are high.

There is like a rocky island here to so we have met friends here for a social distancing picnic. We got the idea as the first time we came we saw people do that.

I really enjoy it here and it is all run by donations so please help support them if you can to keep the hidden gem going!!

This is one of our favorite new places. In fact I know of over 20 other families that have gone, some multiple times since I posted on my personal page.

Make sure to check back each Walking Wednesday, when I post about another place to hike! Here are some other places to hike.

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