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Bellefontaine, Ohio

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

From the highest (point in Ohio), to the oldest (street in America), to the shortest (street in America), Bellefontaine, Ohio has it all! This town holds a big spot in my heart as I grew up here! Bellefontaine is a small town, with a big heart!

This video highlights some of the great places.

127 E Columbus Ave Bellefontaine, OH 43311

I can still remember loving the look of the theater when we use to go to the movies here as a child. Around the ceiling is a Dutch looking town. In 1999 they did a major renevation and now hosts plays and other events.

McKinley Street, named after the President, is the Shortest Street in America at around 20 feet.

Court Avenue is America's First Concrete Street. 1891, George Bartholomew mixed local limestone and clay and he used it on the 4 streets around the court house to make the first cement street. There is now a statue there of Bartholomew and at the other end of the street is a sign stating it is the oldest street in America. It only needed $1400 in repairs the fist 50 years.

Bellefontaine Court House

The Court House was built in 1870 at a cost of $105,398.08 There is a fountain in front of it and there is a pineapple topper on it for friendship.

Campbell Hill is the Highest Point in Ohio with an elevation level of 1,549 above sea level. Located at 2280 OH-540, Bellefontaine, OH 4331. They are doing some construction at the vocational school which was built here in 1974, which is where the highets point is located. Drive in and drive straight back and curve right and you will see it. Make sure to sign the book you were here and grab a certificate to remeber being here!

This area use to be Bellefontaine Air Force Station and the 664th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron. The unit ran an early-warning radar installation and the base closed in 1969. There is a little museum now when you first pull in on the right and a sign for it to the left of the highest point.

521 E Columbus Ave, Bellefontaine, OH 43311

Wednesday-Sunday 1-4 PM

If you haven't seen enough history and want to learn more then check out the Logan County History Center. It has three areas, The Orr Mansion, The Logan County Museum, and the new Transportation Museum. All three are connected inside. They have a place to sign in where you are from and a donation box. They will then let you walk around the three areas. There are bathrooms here if needed.

You will enter in the middle building when you park on the left side of the History Center and you will see a ramp. This is the entrance to the Logan County Museum.

The Orr Mansion is three floors the top being a ballroom. You access it from inside the museum. They ask you walk on the carpet runner.

You then can go through the new Transportation Museum

Maries Candies is just a few mintues away in West Liberty, Ohio. They have been making candy since 1956 and is, IMO the best! I worked for them for 2 winter college breaks and they have the sweetest owners. My favorites are the turtles, chocholate that is in a fun shape for each holiday and the chcocolate covered oreos. My brother loves the peanut butter fancies!

Coffe places:

First Fridays They will host fun events for the city in the downtown area.


If you see signs up for DORA on ceratin days that means you can get special cups at certain places and drink them in the Desginates Outdoor Refreshment Area. Click here for more info.

Places to Eat

600 Hundred Downtown (owned and operated by 5 time World Pizza Champion Brittany Saxton)

DQ (near the pool and Mary Rutan Park)

Want to have more fun? See what fun we had at Indian Lake about 15 mins away!

Other places in the area you should visit

Columbus, Ohio

Hoffman Swimming Pool /Mary Rutan Park

Mad River Mountain (skiing and tubing)

Marmon Family Farms (Horseback riding)

Take a trip each week with Milton Mom on Facebook or Instagramas she explores family friendly places and gives her favortie tips and pics from her trip! Check back every Tuesday for a new place or see where she has already visited here.

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