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At Bamboleo, we are a woman-owned small business with a passion for good vibes

and positive energy.

Behind this wonderful business is just the two of us, Lauren Martinez and Carolina

Perez. We are women, mothers, and wives in Atlanta, GA who work passionately to

bring you pieces made with love.

Our mission is to spoil our customers with high quality handmade accessories and clothes taking care of every detail in the process. Our greatest desire is to help our customers reach the top of the world because they deserve it. Our Bamboleo team is unstoppable and only our minds can limit what we can achieve. We believe a confident woman is enough to be BEAUTIFUL. 

Join us in this wonderful journey, where you will be the main character, because

without YOU, our beautiful customers, and followers, this will only be a dream.

Let’s connect and grow this wonderful movement of good vibes together.

We offer the following products:

Shirts: Peruvian Cotton has a perfect texture and offers a suitable temperature to the

body, which is why it is used to produce our shirts. We combine cool designs that

have meaning and excellent quality.

Bags: Our bags are handmade and hand painted with palm leaves. We love them

because they attract a lot of attention; they are statement pieces which is the

essence of the brand, to attract attention. And something that we also like is that

they are unique pieces made by artisans.

Jewelry accessories: they are made with river pearls and 24-carat gold plating so

that they maintain their beauty and last over time.

In our designs we try to use symbols of good energy and positivity such as the evil eye, which has

been used for many years and by many cultures as an amulet for protection against negative

influences and bad energy. We also like to incorporate the lotus flower, hamsa hand, pearls, and the

tree of life.

Bamboleo was born out of a common passion for good taste and an attraction to

good energy. That was how Lauren and Carolina began this wonderful adventure.

We share common values and we move with the same motion.

What makes us unique:

Today, there are many clothing and accessory businesses, but what makes us

different from the rest is that each of the pieces we offer has a special meaning,

good quality, and selected with great attention to detail as if they were for ourselves.

Each piece has a mission, which is to make our clients feel unique, fabulous, and full

of good vibes.

We look for fashionable products made by artisan women around the world. We

have suppliers in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and in the United States. We make sure

that they are high quality products and made with love. Handmade has become

equal to luxury.

 Bamboleo team’s vision:

Our vision is to cover our clients with good vibes and positive energy when they

wear our amazing products, because we believe living in positively is a lifestyle.

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