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Ark Encounter ( Williamstown, KY)

Right off I 75 is Ark Encounter. A life size replica of Noahs Ark. 1 Ark Encounter Drive

Williamstown, KY 41097

Click here for a map

I do want to say that there is a deabte about what the people at the Ark say happen versus what some people religous believe, so reaserach it more before you go and make sure it is somehting you would want to do . Example they say dinosaurs were on the Ark, some disagree with this. My son and I went more to check it out to see what it was about.

There are not many restaurants near here so you may want to eat at the Ark. You will pass one mexican place before you get to it whcihc people suggested. We went late in the evening and the restaurant there was already closed so we got back on I 75 and went up a few exits.

When we went we walked up to get a ticket. I think we got there about 6 pm and they told us it was closing soon, but we went anyway. Check here for hours. It was $50 for me and my son was $25. Click here for current prices.

You do have to pay to park to get in, think like amusement park pakring. Park near the ticket counter. There were a few porta potties there.

You then get in a nice bus, think tour buses. It did have air conditioning. .

They then take you to the musuem. We went in to use the real restrooms there. They have different movie running all day. So if you want to watch one check the time for the one you want, we did not have time for it.

There is a ton of walking here, so wear comfy shoes.

We went to the Ark next and walked around by ourselves, it is not as a gorup. I saw they made people leave strollers there so know that ahead of time. There were the zig zag lines like at Disney so be prepared you may have to stand a while.

The ark is big and it was air conidtioned too. We walked around and looked at the areas,

There is a gift shop when you exit and they sold ice cream there.

We then went to the zoo area to walk around. You can go in the kangaroo exhbit but we missed it as they closed at 7 and it is 7:01 pm. There is a restroom in this area.

They have a playground area.

They had gold minng here to but it was closed by the time we got to it.

They have a zipline here too!

Overall it was a neat place to visit on a long car trip and got us out to walk around.

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