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52 Hike Challenge

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

I wanted a goal for 2021 for my 10 year old son and I and we decided on the 52 Hike Challenge. What is it you ask? You are to hike 1 hike a week of a mile or more for 52 weeks. So at the end, you have walked at least 52 miles and many, many memories along the way. You can do a trail more than once or we are trying to see how many new trails we can do.

My son and I had fun picking out the trails, and are excited to do some a few times.

We got fanny packs for our hikes.

In it we have hand sanitizer attached to the outside for ease of use.

We have wipes, Kleenex, band aids, Neosporin, baggie for trash, water, and mask for if we feel we need them during this covid time.

For safety reasons, we always let my mom know where we are as some trails are way out there in nature. I have also taught my son some survival tips, listen for cars, you would find help near a road, how to call 911 and give them the best info of where we are by looking around for land marks.

You will be in nature so you may want to be careful about ticks. Here is some information about them.

While it would be so rare, but if you see a bear, this is what you should do.

We use the All Trails app to track out hikes, you can actually record where you stop and how long you take and to be able to make sure we stay on the correct trail.

Before we leave home we load up with a cold water, sun screen and bug spray if needed and use the bathroom.

I am out of shape, so we made this goal achievable, with this challenge. The point is to get out in nature and have fun together while trying to be healthy.

Hike 3 Olde Rope Mill Park(Woodstock)

Hike 8 Blue Heron Preserve (Sandy Springs)

Hike 9 Birmingham Park (Milton)

Hike 10

Hike 11

Hike 12

Hike 13

Hike 14

Hike 15

Hike 16

Hike 17

Hike 18

Hike 19

Hike 20

Hike 21

Hike 22

Hike 23

Hike 24

Hike 25

Hike 26

Hike 27

Hike 28

Hike 29

Hike 30

Hike 31

Hike 32

Hike 33

Hike 34

Hike 35

Hike 36

Hike 37

Hike 38

Hike 39

Hike 40

Hike 41

Hike 42

Hike 43

Hike 44

Hike 45

Hike 46

Hike 47

Hike 48

Hike 49

Hike 50

Hike 51

Hike 52


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